Ogre Battle MotBQ: MP3

Ogre Battle MotBQ: Midi


OBabMod-0.71 - my Ogre Battle MotBQ balancing mod
OBpatch - this is a group of patches intended to improve the regular game
Ogre Battle lz codec - codec for graphics compression , contains source
compressed data - location of compressed data
nightmare - rom editing tool + modules needed to edit Ogre Battle
text rom map - contains important addresses for hacking MotBQ Snes version
html rom map - this is a compressed version in html form for quick reference
xls rom data - Ogre Battle rom data in spreadsheet format by VerySneaky
Ogre Battle Midis - my Ogre Battle midis packed in rar
SPC700 Player - a very good SPC player from Degure-Factory and Alpha-II Productions
Bsnes - Byuu's accurate Snes debugger
XA65 - XA65 cross compiler for 65x series processors
mkname-1.0 - random name generator by Aaron Sherman

The mp3s on this page are actually recodings of my midis. This way if you are trying to adjust a soundfont to play the midis properly you have a reference point.

I've created a small soundfont here or try this one. If using Linux there is a soundfont plugin through Audacious, if using windows there is a plugin with Winamp. I will try to update my soundfont and/or midis if there are any problems with them so let me know what you think.

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Tactics Ogre
RPGC Shrine
the Ogre Battle Comic Book

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